this is for ever. for 250 million years. at least.

So, this is a photo today from filming. This isn’t a “spoiler”, since I don’t actually know what it was about, but look at the picture- this is after filming a scene, we couldn’t hear what was said, but matt was crying, and so was karen. The scene was the doctor sitting on a bench, reading a letter. Karen was next to him, but she wasn’t in costume, she had on her over coat and all, she was just next to him. and she was crying too. and after they all hugged and clapped. Since this is rory and amy’s last episode (we know for a fact they’re filming episode 5, which will be their last), I suppose it was a emotional, important scene. But to see the actors emotional about it, right there, just reminded me of how much I love this show, and I love this cast, and how much it’s going to hurt to watch them leave.


Why can’t you just let me ship in peace?

I feel the need to step back from fandom until you all just CALM THE HELL DOWN.

Geez. I thought we were just one big love fest here.

But I don’t think I can take this anymore.

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