Amethyst. Painting I did for sansastark's birthday…!
Basically what they did with Dany and Drogo’s wedding night which I will never stop being mad about.

Yep, exactly. This is why there always needs to be a book-reader present to interpret the show.

asdjalskjd. soo angry.

Changing consensual sex to rape is not an acceptable artistic liberty to take. 

"Who has not felt how sadly sweet
The dream of home, the dream of home,
Steals o’er the heart, too soon to fleet,
When far o’er sea or land we roam?
Sunlight more soft may o’er us fall.
To greener shores our bark may come;
But far more bright, more dear than all,
That dream of home, that dream of home."
"Any fool can criticise, condemn, and complain but it takes character and self–control to be understanding and forgiving."